Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence

A week-long of hibernation (from the net world) & sadness has ended as I progressively accept the loss of my treasured memories stored in my Apple laptop along with hundreds of work files & documents. I have nothing but prayer of blessings for the person who stole it.

Here’s a short story

We spent the night in Taal Vista Hotel last holy week. On our way back home to Manila we stopped by The Cliffhouse, Tagaytay to eat lunch at Café Platito. As Kris parked the car, he brought out our laptop bags so it won’t be exposed to extreme heat of the noontime sun.

There were thirteen of us plus two toddlers. So we seated outside to accommodate everyone in the table. Kris placed our laptop bags on the bench behind him as we settled down to order food. Shortly after, he turned around to grab the bags only to see one bag left. The rest of the story was written on the police report.

13 inch Macbook

I was holding back my tears as I asked Isaiah to pray with me. He nodded & put his hands together and said amen after I said a quick prayer.

Kris gave me that Macbook as a gift on my 30th birthday few weeks after giving birth to Isaiah. Since then, it became a home for all of our fondest memories with our son. My heart bled for all those memories taken away that it didn’t make me sleep for a night or two. I would cry my heart out in the middle of the night and would ask God to convict the heart of that person. I’m also praying that I’ll be able to detach myself from my material loss.

Friends and even Kris would tell me that if the intention of the person was to steal it, there’s no reason that it will be given back to me. In my heart of hearts though, there was something more that I was holding on to, which Pastor Patrick asserted when he prayed for Kris & I. His prayer was exactly what was in my heart. And I know that God affirmed my faith by that supplication. It amazes me how God communicates to me through the people he sends my way.

It’s impossible to trace neither my Apple nor that person who got it but who said “impossible” is in God’s vocabulary?

FAITH is all there is and that is what I am holding on to.

In time, In God’s perfect time, I don’t know how, but I believe it will be given back to me as it is.

Mark 11:24 Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.


One thought on “Breaking the Silence

  1. I’m saddened by your loss, especially when I think of all those memories stored in your laptop which, as you say, is a gift from your husband.

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