Love Language

Love Language

I found this while browsing my other blog site and I thought of reposting it here.

Should you want to give me anything?
Let it be your time.
Nothing compares to sharing my dreams with you.

Should you want to help me?
I would appreciate acts of service from you.
Nothing compares to working with you

Should you want to make me feel good?
I desire your touch.
Nothing compares to adoring your body

Should you want to entice me?
Let me receive a gift from you
Nothing compares to sweet little anything

Should you shower me with something?
Let it be your words of affirmation
Nothing compares to a life giving words.

Know me and Love me
Here are my love languages

Quality Time 30%
Acts of Service 27%
Physical Touch 20%
Receiving Gifts 13%
Words of Affirmation 10%

Should you want to know yours?
Heres the link and let me know you more


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