On Business : To Sink or To Swim

On Business : To Sink or To Swim

It has been more than a month since our business experienced downtime from Coke Company, one of our two major suppliers. The whole supply chain is affected by the irregular production. It even suspended the operation of the sole distributor in our area. We managed to keep up the first few weeks but the number of supplies delivered everyday has become alarming. Worse, there were rumors going around about a different taste of some of their products that people easily associate with the lack of stocks.

We had to act. Kris set me up an appointment with Coke people last Friday. A Sales Manager together with a Chemist met up with me. I discussed all the issues that were concerning our operations and our down lines. I felt good that I was kept updated with what’s going on and be freed from speculations. The sad thing was – there was no certainty as to when the supply will stabilize.

I was told that their machine can only produce so much in a day and that they are still looking for ways to catch up with the unanticipated demand. I was in disbelief that such a big company like them did not reckon on their market’s demand.

Suddenly the business floats into the ocean of uncertainty. As a novice in the field of business, I’m not sure what to do.Either I sink , which is an easy option as I will still be able to save what was left of my investment, or to swim in the nearest island of hope.

I don’t know what lies ahead but one thing for sure, it’s shaping me big time.

Lord, I need Your wisdom on what to do. Guide me in every step of the way. I don’t know how to swim but I know for sure, it’s either You will give me a life jacket or You will swim with me.


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