Love for Writing

Love for Writing

There are just times that it’s really hard to write especially when you need to write far from ordinary. And what’s ordinary for me is creative writing – talk about life and my perspective about the things around me. Now to write something else like business writing is just too hard.

I love writing but  I’m still in the process of establishing my own style and right now, I’m gearing towards the creative stuff. And though creative writing is huge where a lot of other categories falls under it  — I wanna see myself writing a script later on. I never felt so passionate about literature until now. Years of discovering and wandering has paid off.

What fuels this love for writing more is having a husband who is a good writer himself and helps edit my work and gives constructive criticism. I must admit though, that having to ask me edit my work over and over is difficult. And that I feel like giving up at times. But knowing that giving up puts an end to everything, I chose to endure tough times. I believe that practice and rewriting ten times over  squeeze the creative juice out of me and that I am able to produce a good work.

I was never an expressive person – but in writing I am and I feel most liberated in this area. So whether a good time or not , I will continue to write and express myself.


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