Parking Free

Parking Free

“I have fifteen pesos” I told Kris while looking for some more extra from my purse. ” I have twenty” he said and drove towards the exit of the parking in Pioneer. I thought we have enough for a thirty pesos parking – that is if we didn’t exceed the minimum hour. So we didn’t bother to go back  in the mall to withdraw cash.

We were following an old blue Vitara out of the parking. The driver stepped out and approached Kris. Funny how I thought he was selling something  when he  handed Kris a small piece of paper. The next thing i knew, Kris was saying thank you and sounded so happy. The guy left, got in his car and drove.

Amazing how people would approach us at times and just blessed us. This guy got two free ticket parking but the parking cashier only acknowledged one per transaction. How in the world did he know he’s coming in just on the right time? I don’t know but one thing for sure – he heard a voice and obeyed.

THANK YOU, Lord for the people You’re sending our way to bless us. It’s amazing how You showed your presence even at the littlest thing.

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