Isaiah’s First Swimming Experience

Isaiah’s First Swimming Experience

Kris and I have been wanting to go swimming with Isaiah for the longest time. We always thought that Isaiah would love to swim and play in the water. Thank God, that today, we were finally freed up from our busy schedule.

The clubhouse wont open until about 10am so Isaiah skipped his nap time and just waited to leave for the pool. He was so excited and started getting giddy when  he saw his Daddy dipped down in the water. And while they were both enjoying the water, I was like a personal assistant busy taking their photos. Haha! I would love to be a PA for my boys.

Kris was so happy as much as Isaiah. He’s been looking forward to spending more quality time with him as he was so busy with so many other things lately. And I am equally happy as both of them.

It has always been a joy for me watching them happy together. That feeling of satisfaction is overflowing that I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

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