Kisses from the 5th Floor

Kisses from the 5th Floor

Kris just left a minute ago. Our one-year-old son, Isaiah and I were endlessly saying bye and sending flying kisses to him along our condo hallway .  Three minutes after I closed the door, I heard the beep of our car so I ran to the window like a child would. I was trying hard to peer out with my head bowed down to my chest. Then I looked at the building across where our neighbors’ windows are open. I was careful not to get their attention when I stuck my arm out of the window of our fifth floor unit & called on Kris down to the mezzanine where he parked his car. Kris looked up and smiled for a minute before he got into his car and drove off.

I was happy.

I don’t always do it… but most of time,yeah, I would. And I ‘m sure that when Isaiah grows bigger, he would do the same. Sometimes I laugh at myself when I do things like that for my husband. It’s like we’re just boyfriend & girlfriend at the height of our sweet moments. It may sound cheesy – but I love to do things for Kris and have a language that only the both of us can understand. I love the exclusivity between us and the joy of knowing that I always have someone to share myself with.

I want Isaiah and our future kids to grow up seeing how their parents love each other, care for each other, and do crazy but funny things for each other. I believe that growing in a family where love is overflowing between the parents, a child’s confidence is also building up.

I want to be reminded of these moments when we grow old — when we sit at the veranda of our dream home holding on to each others arms and reminiscing on the good old times — to laugh at ourselves and to love each other more.


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