On Business : Revision

On Business : Revision

I spent most of the time today revising my sales report. It has been the 3rd major revision since we started diving into wholesaling in October 2009.

I managed to come up with a draft this afternoon and  tried to initiate this new system at the same time. Though, I was glad to come up with a new one, there were still missing factors that needs to be incorporate for its final use. Applications has always been exciting for me, likewise it has also been complicated that sometimes, it just makes me want to revert to the old one.

But the good thing about revision is that I see how it works suitably to fill my need for more information and see how much more I need to make it better and that giving up on the new system I want to established, in the first place, is not an option.

Perfection takes a lot of revision — that’s how revision impacted my professional life today.

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