Love Language

Love Language

I found this while browsing my other blog site and I thought of reposting it here.

Should you want to give me anything?
Let it be your time.
Nothing compares to sharing my dreams with you.

Should you want to help me?
I would appreciate acts of service from you.
Nothing compares to working with you

Should you want to make me feel good?
I desire your touch.
Nothing compares to adoring your body

Should you want to entice me?
Let me receive a gift from you
Nothing compares to sweet little anything

Should you shower me with something?
Let it be your words of affirmation
Nothing compares to a life giving words.

Know me and Love me
Here are my love languages

Quality Time 30%
Acts of Service 27%
Physical Touch 20%
Receiving Gifts 13%
Words of Affirmation 10%

Should you want to know yours?
Heres the link and let me know you more



“Conflict does not destroy a relationship. It’s the refusal to resolve conflict that breaks relationship.” – Dr. Harold Sala

On Business : To Sink or To Swim

On Business : To Sink or To Swim

It has been more than a month since our business experienced downtime from Coke Company, one of our two major suppliers. The whole supply chain is affected by the irregular production. It even suspended the operation of the sole distributor in our area. We managed to keep up the first few weeks but the number of supplies delivered everyday has become alarming. Worse, there were rumors going around about a different taste of some of their products that people easily associate with the lack of stocks.

We had to act. Kris set me up an appointment with Coke people last Friday. A Sales Manager together with a Chemist met up with me. I discussed all the issues that were concerning our operations and our down lines. I felt good that I was kept updated with what’s going on and be freed from speculations. The sad thing was – there was no certainty as to when the supply will stabilize.

I was told that their machine can only produce so much in a day and that they are still looking for ways to catch up with the unanticipated demand. I was in disbelief that such a big company like them did not reckon on their market’s demand.

Suddenly the business floats into the ocean of uncertainty. As a novice in the field of business, I’m not sure what to do.Either I sink , which is an easy option as I will still be able to save what was left of my investment, or to swim in the nearest island of hope.

I don’t know what lies ahead but one thing for sure, it’s shaping me big time.

Lord, I need Your wisdom on what to do. Guide me in every step of the way. I don’t know how to swim but I know for sure, it’s either You will give me a life jacket or You will swim with me.

Love for Writing

Love for Writing

There are just times that it’s really hard to write especially when you need to write far from ordinary. And what’s ordinary for me is creative writing – talk about life and my perspective about the things around me. Now to write something else like business writing is just too hard.

I love writing but  I’m still in the process of establishing my own style and right now, I’m gearing towards the creative stuff. And though creative writing is huge where a lot of other categories falls under it  — I wanna see myself writing a script later on. I never felt so passionate about literature until now. Years of discovering and wandering has paid off.

What fuels this love for writing more is having a husband who is a good writer himself and helps edit my work and gives constructive criticism. I must admit though, that having to ask me edit my work over and over is difficult. And that I feel like giving up at times. But knowing that giving up puts an end to everything, I chose to endure tough times. I believe that practice and rewriting ten times over  squeeze the creative juice out of me and that I am able to produce a good work.

I was never an expressive person – but in writing I am and I feel most liberated in this area. So whether a good time or not , I will continue to write and express myself.

Parking Free

Parking Free

“I have fifteen pesos” I told Kris while looking for some more extra from my purse. ” I have twenty” he said and drove towards the exit of the parking in Pioneer. I thought we have enough for a thirty pesos parking – that is if we didn’t exceed the minimum hour. So we didn’t bother to go back  in the mall to withdraw cash.

We were following an old blue Vitara out of the parking. The driver stepped out and approached Kris. Funny how I thought he was selling something  when he  handed Kris a small piece of paper. The next thing i knew, Kris was saying thank you and sounded so happy. The guy left, got in his car and drove.

Amazing how people would approach us at times and just blessed us. This guy got two free ticket parking but the parking cashier only acknowledged one per transaction. How in the world did he know he’s coming in just on the right time? I don’t know but one thing for sure – he heard a voice and obeyed.

THANK YOU, Lord for the people You’re sending our way to bless us. It’s amazing how You showed your presence even at the littlest thing.

Isaiah’s First Swimming Experience

Isaiah’s First Swimming Experience

Kris and I have been wanting to go swimming with Isaiah for the longest time. We always thought that Isaiah would love to swim and play in the water. Thank God, that today, we were finally freed up from our busy schedule.

The clubhouse wont open until about 10am so Isaiah skipped his nap time and just waited to leave for the pool. He was so excited and started getting giddy when  he saw his Daddy dipped down in the water. And while they were both enjoying the water, I was like a personal assistant busy taking their photos. Haha! I would love to be a PA for my boys.

Kris was so happy as much as Isaiah. He’s been looking forward to spending more quality time with him as he was so busy with so many other things lately. And I am equally happy as both of them.

It has always been a joy for me watching them happy together. That feeling of satisfaction is overflowing that I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Kisses from the 5th Floor

Kisses from the 5th Floor

Kris just left a minute ago. Our one-year-old son, Isaiah and I were endlessly saying bye and sending flying kisses to him along our condo hallway .  Three minutes after I closed the door, I heard the beep of our car so I ran to the window like a child would. I was trying hard to peer out with my head bowed down to my chest. Then I looked at the building across where our neighbors’ windows are open. I was careful not to get their attention when I stuck my arm out of the window of our fifth floor unit & called on Kris down to the mezzanine where he parked his car. Kris looked up and smiled for a minute before he got into his car and drove off.

I was happy.

I don’t always do it… but most of time,yeah, I would. And I ‘m sure that when Isaiah grows bigger, he would do the same. Sometimes I laugh at myself when I do things like that for my husband. It’s like we’re just boyfriend & girlfriend at the height of our sweet moments. It may sound cheesy – but I love to do things for Kris and have a language that only the both of us can understand. I love the exclusivity between us and the joy of knowing that I always have someone to share myself with.

I want Isaiah and our future kids to grow up seeing how their parents love each other, care for each other, and do crazy but funny things for each other. I believe that growing in a family where love is overflowing between the parents, a child’s confidence is also building up.

I want to be reminded of these moments when we grow old — when we sit at the veranda of our dream home holding on to each others arms and reminiscing on the good old times — to laugh at ourselves and to love each other more.