On Giving Up

On Giving Up

When I started working after graduation, I didn’t really like my job. Being naive to the corporate world, I thought that resigning outside my contract can lead to legal matter so I stayed and eventually offered a better position from other department.

When I got into a relationship, I experienced more of low points but it made me hopeful for good things to happen. Later on, I learned valuable lessons like why do people come into my life.

When I was laboring with my son, there was a great pain that is seducing me to give up and just had an epidural. But having my husband coach around, I held on to God’s promise that He will strengthen me. And then, I realized that my pain tolerance is beyond what I expected.

When I was seeking for answer to the hardest question I was ever asked, I was lost for a moment then throw back up the question to my Creator. Finding what my passion was, is the most difficult for me as it accompanies knowing myself more deeply.

It’s always easy to give up when things don’t go my way and just live in the ways I am comfortable with.  But what’s life after I did? I might be guilty of something and would be clouded of the so many “what ifs”. Life is not easy . It is both a cliché and a fact.

Our lives revolves around making decisions every single day. And giving up is always an option tied up with that decision. What tempted us more to give up is not seeing what lies ahead on the end of  road. It takes courage to keep us going. And it takes faith to enable us endure the fight.

I gave up many times too. But giving up requires wisdom — if it’s a battle worth fighting for then, I hold on armed with my faith. And if it’s not, then I let go.

Now as to the question whether it’s my battle or not, I look up and ask “Is this mine or Yours?” But the thing is, whether it’s for me to battle with, I am confident and sure that in any of it, God is there and He got my back, so why give up?


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