I would often hear about her from Robert and I would always wonder how she is. I knew she had a night shift work back then so it’s not likely to really see her on a number of gatherings I attended on Kris’ side of friends. So when I finally met her during the Hillsong Concert in Araneta, I told myself that she’s pretty and she wore her make pretty well. I thought she’s FilAm  too like Rob. So I was trying to grasp for words to break the ice. Only to find out that she speaks fluent Tagalog and is very Filipino. Since then, I would see her during church service and would sometimes go out with her and Rob.

During those times, Kris would encourage me to join a small group and was suggesting hers. But being my sheepish self I thought that I was not fit to join a group of known baller’s wives. So i went to look for my own group by signing up a form from church.  Little did I know that God has already ordained someone to be my small group leader. God put people into my life for reasons… and Samantha was God’s perfect choice.

I started attending Sam’s small group back in 2005  where I met other women on the same spiritual journey. I admit that I was intimated. But getting to know their hearts and  looked pass their status in the society released me from my shadowed world.

Sam has led me into discovering how vast the world is apart from my own — or should I say ” the world is only one  and that I don’t have one of my own”.  We are not the closest but ours is a relationship that understands, shares and cares for each other.  We grew together as friends along with other good friends, Michelle and Lynn. I shared my thoughts with her, my heart and my life. Samantha is one woman whom I shared my adventures in the past, the joys of my present and the dreams of my future.

She modeled a woman of grace, whose heart is always open to love and to understand. She always lend a hand on a number of occasions that made things simple and effortless. She always listens and imparts words of encouragement and wisdom.

She is a woman who loves her man deeply. A wife who submits to her husband and serve him with all her heart. But definitely a woman who fears not her husband but God.

Samantha — you are indeed a woman of God. A woman after God’s own heart.

Happy Birthday! May you continue to bless and touch lives of the so many women around you. Yours is a life full of affection and joy.


2 thoughts on “Samantha

  1. Hi Malou! I just read this today!! Wow — what a touching tribute. Not even sure if I deserve all of your loving and kind words but I am so grateful. I am always blessed by our friendship, our conversations, the jokes that we share, the great food that you always cook! Love you Malou and thank you for always being a source of encouragement.

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