Driving too Confident

Driving too Confident

I drove most of the time yesterday and I was happy getting good feedbacks from Kris. The confidence of knowing I get good grades from him, as my mentor gave me a freedom to maneuver my way. Making my own decision whether to increase speed, assume my go’s and make turns was like driving like an expert.

I thought every thing else were okay and that I was confident enough not to be intimidated by other drivers. Until i assumed too much while parking the car and almost hit the new Innova right in front of our slot.

I panicked and begged Kris to take the steering wheel. He stepped down and checked if there was a damage on the other car.

Too close i didn’t even want to look. I kept saying sorry anticipating that Kris would really get mad at me for losing control. But instead he hugged me and said it was alright.

When I checked it myself, I was surprised that my wheel jumped off the stopper and realized that  it’s just a matter of a split second then I could have hit that Innova big time.

Kris went to the guard on the lobby and asked to see the owner of Innova while I waited and took photos.

Blessed as we always are, we met Mike, our “parking neighbor”. He was so polite and gracious about the whole thing and assured me that it was okay. He moved his car so Kris could move out ours and park it right.

I was relieved. Thank God for the experience that thought me how to be more careful and be aware of the consequence of my actions.

Sometimes, I thought that I knew everything already and that I became too confident of it. Not realizing that every decision I make should be carefully thought of and that wisdom is a pre requisite of my every decision.

Now it makes sense to me the purpose of the bumps on the road. It stops me when I’m walking too fast and tells me to pause, look back, look up and then ask.

Only then, I’ll know if I’m on the right track and that I’m doing things right in alignment to His perfect will for my life.


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