Polishing in Progress

Polishing in Progress

I silence myself as Kris made a turn into the basement parking of Galleria. I don’t know what to expect but I’m ready to take whatever my precious engagement ring has become of after a series of soldering and polishing. In my mind, I was asking God to guard my heart and my lips as I face this people whom I trusted to render a good service.

To recall, I brought my engagement ring to Hearts & Arrows to secure the diamond. That was in December. I was asked if I wanted to polish it as well to remove the scratches. I said I don’t want because every scratches of it was part of its history.

I came back after a week which was Christmas eve. I was surprised to see a matte finish from the original brass semblance. And asking me to pay extra 2k bucks. I remember reacting gracious enough to made my point and avoided being furious for getting something I didn’t ask of them in the first place and then pay for it. So I left it there for another two weeks or so.

The next time we came back, we were more surprised to see it super glossy – I wanted to cry. Do these people know what they are doing? They carry a pretty good name and reputation to be doing a very unprofessional service.

Kris then talked to the person from their Head Office. We were told that they will send it abroad to have it back to its original form. Which we believed and hoped for. Now the third time was really unacceptable. They gave us what it was the first time they changed it.

Seriously, these people don’t know what they were doing. I was frustrated and was already at the end of my extreme patience. A friend even commented that I was really ” Arrowed in the Heart”. Kris called again the Head Office. I did call a different person to satisfy the need to voice out my feeling as a client and as a woman. I don’t want anything but my original ring back.

And now the long wait… I got this call from their office telling me that it was now okay. I’m holding back myself from expecting too much and postponed my visit for another 3 days just to gather my self together. And when I was ready, we headed to Hearts and Arrows — in my heart was a lil hole of doubt but a big patch of acceptance was present too.

Thank God that whenever I let go of things He wants me to let go of, He always makes sure that letting go and letting God has always been the best thing to do.

I smiled as I gazed at the ring presented to me — it’s what it was from the first time Kris put it on my finger.

In reality, I am a diamond in God’s eyes… He wants to secure my life and make sure that in the end of my time, I will be reunited with Him. Right now, I’m going through soldering myself that’s molding me the way He wants me to. It may not be always easy as soldering is painful at times. But I have to let go of my own plans and let God do His. He’s not finish with me yet… polishing is in progress.


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