Someone on the Same Road

Someone on the Same Road

Kris withdrew money from ATM on a Friday evening at 11pm. He was planning to pay our utility bill early morning the next day bec he was anticipating a busy day. Morning came and he headed to Meralco office. As he was counting the money, he was surprised to see a fake 500 peso bill from the bunch of money he withdrew the other night. Having a retail store, we’ve experienced getting fake 500, so Kris is now expert in telling which one is original & which one is not by just touching it.

He called me right away and asked to phone BDO customer service and report the circumstance. I was then directed to go to BDO branch where we had our withdrawal. Kris sent an email to the Branch Manager who happens to be attending CCF, an evangelical church.

Today,I met with that BDO’s Branch Manager, Jonathan Cohillo — professional and too polite (at least for me) for someone in a position. I handed him the 500 peso bill and he excused himself to have it checked. When he came back, he apologized and said they will just have it replaced with an original one. He said he will submit it to the Head Office and will make further investigation.

Jonathan has given me a great customer service. Thumbs up for someone like him who knows how to attend to someone in need. Moreover, it feels great knowing that we have someone with the same belief working with us to get things right.

There are times that we stumble upon people who are naturally kind-hearted. But stumbling across  people who are walking in the same path as ours makes a lot of difference. And I’m glad that, no matter how scarce they are around, we still meet them on the road by chance.

I went home happy and at peace not just because I got my php500 back. On top of that, I crossed path with “someone on the same road”of life.


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