Unplanned Valentines Dinner

Unplanned Valentines Dinner

I just want it plain and simple — movie and dine! But Kris expressed how much he wants to take me out for a nice dinner. So we changed route and headed to Kapitolyo. He was looking for these two particular restos recommended by friends but we ended up pulling over by Cafe Juanita just because we didn’t want to drive farther. It was like an ordinary cafeteria that comes with a not-so-inviting exterior.

To my surprised we were instantly transported into a rich Filipino-Hispanic era. And it was like to me the time of Crisostomo Ibarra’s home party. It was full of diners so we were directed to the second floor. I thought it was romantic and told Kris that it was the most wonderful unplanned surprise.

I enjoyed looking around where antique pieces were displayed for sale. I’m not a big fan of a period piece because as a matter of fact, it scares me. But this time, my eyes wandered around. Curious, I asked the waiter about the theme of the restaurant. And I was told it was a combination of everything. Filipino-Hispanic-Arabic and Malay with a touch of American chandeliers and some Chinese pieces. Wow! Everything put together comes out interesting.

And oops! It’s not only that. They seriously have great foods. As in, I’ve never eaten a creamy kare kare with its meat almost melts in my mouth. Incredible! No wonder they were featured in Time magazine. A laminated copy of the article was  even displayed around. And why not?  Big time!

Kris and I went home happier, satisfied and inspired.

A great place to eat doesn’t have to be in a Hotel or in any other fancy location… just look around and you’ll be surprised that it’s just right by your community.

An unplanned surprise was never as wonderful as this.


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