I Do

I Do

The rain was pouring hard. I was trembling inside. The traffic was moving slow but my heart was beating fast.

I was anxious but the Chauffeur talked to me very nicely, trying to calm me as he assured me that everything’s gonna be alright. He was an old man, always wearing a smile on his face.

I breathed deep as I went off the car. He assisted me and said a word of comfort before he finally left.

I walked towards the door… slowly stepping into the reality of just once a dream.
The music played as soon as the door opened up and revealed my self to the waiting guests.

I can’t hear anything. I can’t see anyone but Kris.

He was standing still, holding back his tears while I just let mine flowed freely. We vowed before God to grow each other, protect each other and love each other … I was privileged to be married with the man after God’s own heart. I cannot imagine being married to anyone less than that.

Friends  stood before us. Families extend their love and support. We were enveloped with hope and affection and were blessed by people whom we respect and trust.

Ours, was a God written love story…

He has thoughtfully put each characters into our lives to make our love story as perfect as it is.

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