The big day has been carefully chosen and set. Friends and family were excited as much as we were. Planning the wedding wasn’t easy but at least it was a mixture of not-so-good-things, bloopers and fun. Oh not to forget, we also had those drama moments. Haha.

Kris has given me all the things I want and even those that I don’t need. I was pampered but not spoiled. We had eight months to prepare so each day were really precious. Along with the wedding prep was also the Future planning. We roamed around the busy streets of Makati looking for a place that we would call our home. We found one beside the Enterprise building where Kris used to work but we put it on hold until we were really decided.

Everything was running smooth until one day…

The company, Kris was working for cut short his employment with them — I was in shocked and he was devastated. It was four months before the wedding. We haven’t even paid our suppliers in full.

All of a sudden the road became dark and uncertain. I had too many questions in mind.

He was holding a prestige position in the leading credit card company. He didn’t apply to them — they pirated him. He was basically new and was about to undergo training in Singapore. He was just commended on a presentation he did in front of international delegation. How come it happened?

We seek legal advise and were planning to file a labor case. But his heart was not into it that he eventually dismissed the idea. He was not at peace but he let God directed his path.

That was the lowest point of our lives together… but it was the time that God proved his faithfulness to us. An opportunity opened its door for Kris. A good friend referred him to a certain office which called Kris immediately. And in less than a month after that fateful day from his previous office — he got the job. The pay was not as much as he was getting from his previous employment but it was enough for our needs.

How in the world can someone get a job as quickly as ABC in a nice company during the time it’s needed most?

I don’t know but God did that for him.

There are so many bumps like this happens. But in every bump was an opportunity to make us stronger and wiser everyday. We just have to continue going and trust that God will do the rest.


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