I carefully opened the gift he handed me. I was wondering what it had to do with the pictorial  that he had to give it to me in the middle of the shoot.

I thought that giving me a gift too big to be a ring was not proposing at all… and it quite disappoints me. I thought I was being led on.

It was a big blue photo album… a compilation of our life together since the very beginning. He carefully put everything together.

Each picture printed with caption but one…

I flipped the pages looking for the missing word but instead I

found him standing behind me.

Holding the missing “words” he wished to say himself.

He was all smiles and his hands were shaking.

Tears came running down as he came close and kneeled in front.

He opened that tiny red box and popped that precious question.

I was lost for words…

But there’s nothing in the world I want to do than to be with him…

and there’s nothing I want to say but

YES! I will marry you.

This day was indeed a manifestation of an answered prayer.

There was a long road ahead of us.

But this time it was unwavering and bright.

My journey continue as I walk hand in hand with him…


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