I was at my happiest when I was with him and was always hoping that my time spent with him would never end.

Here is the man, who brings out the best in me. The one who makes me laugh over and over. The one who always believes in me and  made me realize my full potential. There was nothing else, I was enthusiastic about but to spend the rest of my days with him.

I was confident holding on to God’s promise, specific with my supplication as well. And  I was hoping that my heart’s desire was aligned to His perfect will for me.

As I made my entrance to Picture Company in Podium, I never thought that it would change my life forever. I was greeted by the staff, trying so hard not to be obvious that something was up. I never got the hint though. Kris reserved the studio for our photo shoot. He’s been telling me few days earlier how much he wanted to have a prom-like-picture because he never had one. He was so cool… posing like a pro. Little did I know that behind those big smiles, he was trying to cover up something that he was about to play out.

The photographer was clicking away, capturing every detail, knowing what’s coming up next…

Assuredly, something wonderful was yet to be uncovered..


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