I was welcome with wide hands and warm hearts — nothing can ever make me feel that i belong the way his family did. Both spiritual & biological.

We journeyed together… went through ups & downs and experienced a roller coaster ride like anyone else. We passed through tunnels of doubts and survived a number of setbacks.

In the process, I learned to gain confidence. My world has become bigger. I discovered a lot of life’s beauty.  But more than anything else, I have come to reconciled with my Creator.

I never thought it was Him all along. My once broken heart and suppressed soul has come to deliverance from the bond of the past. It was not my relationship with Kris that brings me to healing. More than anything else … it was knowing Him, accepting Him and inviting Him to lead over  me.

God was the missing piece in my life.  I have to seek with all my heart and with all my soul, because He is the piece that can only be found beyond the things unseen.

I was broken and He has made me complete. He has put me together into one piece and bind me with Kris who was himself complete in Him.

My being complete does not depend on anyone I was with  but with Him who is with me through eternity.

His perfect plan for my life has then continue to unfold…


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