He told me he liked me and said that he have his eyes on me. We enjoyed each other company. Having frequent lunch out and going out on  a weekend became part of our schedule.

I was surprised to know as well that the church he was attending was the same church that my cousin was inviting me in. My interest grew deeper — in him was a heart after God’s own. He walked me through in discovering God and His wonders.

I was asking myself  though why he hasn’t told me he loved me. In American culture
saying “like” is the foundation of a relationship. And that when you say ” I love you” it means, you really love the person. So I was thinking he adopted that culture.

I asked myself, how stable was the relationship then if it was not founded on a stronger pillar of Love?  I don’t know, but I continue to go on.

As we were enjoying our time together, strolling around Global City… a question about the past just popped up.

He looked straight in my eyes, his hands clasped together. He started talking …in his voice was sincerity and in his eyes were honesty. I heard his heart trembling inside, I felt his pain… and I walked away with tears.

I didn’t see people around, I didn’t hear sounds in my surrounding… I just wanna get out and breathed. But he come behind.

I slumped myself in the car seat and cried my heart out. Disheartened as I ever was. I thought happiness comes so short,  but how come that despite disappointment I thoughtfully wrapped my arms around him. My eyes met his, still blurry with tears.

A word of assurance came out of my lips and affirmed him that everything’s gonna be alright.

At that point of revelation and truth — love came out like a newborn child. It was beautiful. It was adorable. It was pure. It was hopeful.

I don’t believe in love at first sight… I have to dig deep, accept and embrace whatever makes the person — only then I know I truly loved.


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