As I stepped into the door I never thought that it was the beginning of a new season of my life…

I came in  a little early for my 10am meeting with him. I was early believing that Americans are known for being on time and I’m committed in keeping up with client’s different culture and orientation. But I was in shocked because the old-big-white- guy I am expecting to meet up with turned out to be Filipino. Well, except that he talked very American when he called in the office few days back.

He invited me in the conference room and went with our business. He was easy to talk to, with not so much requirements that I can’t handle so we ended up signing agreement paper between our offices.

I knew that was the start of a business relationship, but other than that – I have no idea.

I went on a scheduled vacation leave a week after meeting him. I dropped him an email to make sure that he will be assisted well in my absence. I was at all enjoying my rest day when one night, I couldn’t put myself to sleep no matter what I do. And I only have one thing in my head that kept me awake —- Kristoffer Atienza. What’s with this man?

As soon as I got back for work, I passed by his office to give copy of pertinent documents. He was out but I was asked by the receptionist to wait for him as he was parking his car downstairs. I waited and we met again. There was something familiar beating fast inside of me. And it made me smile as I left.

I was never so sure where the road is going. I didn’t know what lies ahead. All I knew was I asked God to lead me on the way…


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