Love month has officially kicked in today. Cupid is sprawling around as they say… Though Kris would take me out for a nice romantic dinner the past years, I don’t remember when was the last time that Valentines was really a big deal.

Hmm… maybe it was when I’m really young and in high school. When I was really expectant of something significant to happen. When all I know of it was flowers and chocolates. Now I even remember that holding a bouquet of flowers back then was like holding an iphone nowadays or a blackberry or maybe a new ipad. It was like a status symbol… status that you are so well-loved and wanted and pursued. That you are beautiful and famous.

That was then. When love for me was oversimplified and that anyone could easily interpret.

Time has evolved and love has matured. It grows deeper and fathomless. From its simplicity, it is now intricate… intricate-ly beautiful.

Gone is my belief about love at first sight. There was attraction even at a glance – but love –  you have to dig deep.

Gone is the  “I’m in love” statement. It was just all about feeling that can change in the course of time. But love?  It is a choice that no matter how you are feeling at a given time, your love still abounds.

Gone is the belief that love is about receiving.
“I am loved because I was given this and that. I am loved because I was spared of the hard labor.”

Today, all I know of love is  when Kris holds my hand even if we are in a heated argument and tells me that he loves me even if I’m mad.

Love is when he kiss me sweetly in the morning I wake up.

Love is when he unceasingly tells me that I can do it, during times when I was about to give up on  a lot of things.

Love is not only a commitment of union for the rest our lives but moreover a commitment in bringing out the best in each other as long as we both shall live.

Love is my husband, Kristoffer.

This was taken on my 30th birthday a couple of weeks after giving birth to our son, Kristoffer Isaiah.

10 thoughts on “Kristoffer

      1. Your welcome =)I find your blogs interesting probably because we share the same thoughts about being a wife and a mother. I love my family so much that i would give up everything just to make them happy. I want to ask you something sana..pero where can i send you a private message? Maybe you can help me and my husband. =)

  1. This is so nice, Malou. Kris is extremely blessed to have you as his wife. When you said he’d hold your hand and would tell you he still loves you even while fighting reminds me how I’d always tell Jed I love even if I’m angry at the moment. We have turned into married people.

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