I would often hear about her from Robert and I would always wonder how she is. I knew she had a night shift work back then so it’s not likely to really see her on a number of gatherings I attended on Kris’ side of friends. So when I finally met her during the Hillsong Concert in Araneta, I told myself that she’s pretty and she wore her make pretty well. I thought she’s FilAm  too like Rob. So I was trying to grasp for words to break the ice. Only to find out that she speaks fluent Tagalog and is very Filipino. Since then, I would see her during church service and would sometimes go out with her and Rob.

During those times, Kris would encourage me to join a small group and was suggesting hers. But being my sheepish self I thought that I was not fit to join a group of known baller’s wives. So i went to look for my own group by signing up a form from church.  Little did I know that God has already ordained someone to be my small group leader. God put people into my life for reasons… and Samantha was God’s perfect choice.

I started attending Sam’s small group back in 2005  where I met other women on the same spiritual journey. I admit that I was intimated. But getting to know their hearts and  looked pass their status in the society released me from my shadowed world.

Sam has led me into discovering how vast the world is apart from my own — or should I say ” the world is only one  and that I don’t have one of my own”.  We are not the closest but ours is a relationship that understands, shares and cares for each other.  We grew together as friends along with other good friends, Michelle and Lynn. I shared my thoughts with her, my heart and my life. Samantha is one woman whom I shared my adventures in the past, the joys of my present and the dreams of my future.

She modeled a woman of grace, whose heart is always open to love and to understand. She always lend a hand on a number of occasions that made things simple and effortless. She always listens and imparts words of encouragement and wisdom.

She is a woman who loves her man deeply. A wife who submits to her husband and serve him with all her heart. But definitely a woman who fears not her husband but God.

Samantha — you are indeed a woman of God. A woman after God’s own heart.

Happy Birthday! May you continue to bless and touch lives of the so many women around you. Yours is a life full of affection and joy.

On Giving Up

On Giving Up

When I started working after graduation, I didn’t really like my job. Being naive to the corporate world, I thought that resigning outside my contract can lead to legal matter so I stayed and eventually offered a better position from other department.

When I got into a relationship, I experienced more of low points but it made me hopeful for good things to happen. Later on, I learned valuable lessons like why do people come into my life.

When I was laboring with my son, there was a great pain that is seducing me to give up and just had an epidural. But having my husband coach around, I held on to God’s promise that He will strengthen me. And then, I realized that my pain tolerance is beyond what I expected.

When I was seeking for answer to the hardest question I was ever asked, I was lost for a moment then throw back up the question to my Creator. Finding what my passion was, is the most difficult for me as it accompanies knowing myself more deeply.

It’s always easy to give up when things don’t go my way and just live in the ways I am comfortable with.  But what’s life after I did? I might be guilty of something and would be clouded of the so many “what ifs”. Life is not easy . It is both a cliché and a fact.

Our lives revolves around making decisions every single day. And giving up is always an option tied up with that decision. What tempted us more to give up is not seeing what lies ahead on the end of  road. It takes courage to keep us going. And it takes faith to enable us endure the fight.

I gave up many times too. But giving up requires wisdom — if it’s a battle worth fighting for then, I hold on armed with my faith. And if it’s not, then I let go.

Now as to the question whether it’s my battle or not, I look up and ask “Is this mine or Yours?” But the thing is, whether it’s for me to battle with, I am confident and sure that in any of it, God is there and He got my back, so why give up?

Driving too Confident

Driving too Confident

I drove most of the time yesterday and I was happy getting good feedbacks from Kris. The confidence of knowing I get good grades from him, as my mentor gave me a freedom to maneuver my way. Making my own decision whether to increase speed, assume my go’s and make turns was like driving like an expert.

I thought every thing else were okay and that I was confident enough not to be intimidated by other drivers. Until i assumed too much while parking the car and almost hit the new Innova right in front of our slot.

I panicked and begged Kris to take the steering wheel. He stepped down and checked if there was a damage on the other car.

Too close i didn’t even want to look. I kept saying sorry anticipating that Kris would really get mad at me for losing control. But instead he hugged me and said it was alright.

When I checked it myself, I was surprised that my wheel jumped off the stopper and realized that  it’s just a matter of a split second then I could have hit that Innova big time.

Kris went to the guard on the lobby and asked to see the owner of Innova while I waited and took photos.

Blessed as we always are, we met Mike, our “parking neighbor”. He was so polite and gracious about the whole thing and assured me that it was okay. He moved his car so Kris could move out ours and park it right.

I was relieved. Thank God for the experience that thought me how to be more careful and be aware of the consequence of my actions.

Sometimes, I thought that I knew everything already and that I became too confident of it. Not realizing that every decision I make should be carefully thought of and that wisdom is a pre requisite of my every decision.

Now it makes sense to me the purpose of the bumps on the road. It stops me when I’m walking too fast and tells me to pause, look back, look up and then ask.

Only then, I’ll know if I’m on the right track and that I’m doing things right in alignment to His perfect will for my life.

Polishing in Progress

Polishing in Progress

I silence myself as Kris made a turn into the basement parking of Galleria. I don’t know what to expect but I’m ready to take whatever my precious engagement ring has become of after a series of soldering and polishing. In my mind, I was asking God to guard my heart and my lips as I face this people whom I trusted to render a good service.

To recall, I brought my engagement ring to Hearts & Arrows to secure the diamond. That was in December. I was asked if I wanted to polish it as well to remove the scratches. I said I don’t want because every scratches of it was part of its history.

I came back after a week which was Christmas eve. I was surprised to see a matte finish from the original brass semblance. And asking me to pay extra 2k bucks. I remember reacting gracious enough to made my point and avoided being furious for getting something I didn’t ask of them in the first place and then pay for it. So I left it there for another two weeks or so.

The next time we came back, we were more surprised to see it super glossy – I wanted to cry. Do these people know what they are doing? They carry a pretty good name and reputation to be doing a very unprofessional service.

Kris then talked to the person from their Head Office. We were told that they will send it abroad to have it back to its original form. Which we believed and hoped for. Now the third time was really unacceptable. They gave us what it was the first time they changed it.

Seriously, these people don’t know what they were doing. I was frustrated and was already at the end of my extreme patience. A friend even commented that I was really ” Arrowed in the Heart”. Kris called again the Head Office. I did call a different person to satisfy the need to voice out my feeling as a client and as a woman. I don’t want anything but my original ring back.

And now the long wait… I got this call from their office telling me that it was now okay. I’m holding back myself from expecting too much and postponed my visit for another 3 days just to gather my self together. And when I was ready, we headed to Hearts and Arrows — in my heart was a lil hole of doubt but a big patch of acceptance was present too.

Thank God that whenever I let go of things He wants me to let go of, He always makes sure that letting go and letting God has always been the best thing to do.

I smiled as I gazed at the ring presented to me — it’s what it was from the first time Kris put it on my finger.

In reality, I am a diamond in God’s eyes… He wants to secure my life and make sure that in the end of my time, I will be reunited with Him. Right now, I’m going through soldering myself that’s molding me the way He wants me to. It may not be always easy as soldering is painful at times. But I have to let go of my own plans and let God do His. He’s not finish with me yet… polishing is in progress.

Someone on the Same Road

Someone on the Same Road

Kris withdrew money from ATM on a Friday evening at 11pm. He was planning to pay our utility bill early morning the next day bec he was anticipating a busy day. Morning came and he headed to Meralco office. As he was counting the money, he was surprised to see a fake 500 peso bill from the bunch of money he withdrew the other night. Having a retail store, we’ve experienced getting fake 500, so Kris is now expert in telling which one is original & which one is not by just touching it.

He called me right away and asked to phone BDO customer service and report the circumstance. I was then directed to go to BDO branch where we had our withdrawal. Kris sent an email to the Branch Manager who happens to be attending CCF, an evangelical church.

Today,I met with that BDO’s Branch Manager, Jonathan Cohillo — professional and too polite (at least for me) for someone in a position. I handed him the 500 peso bill and he excused himself to have it checked. When he came back, he apologized and said they will just have it replaced with an original one. He said he will submit it to the Head Office and will make further investigation.

Jonathan has given me a great customer service. Thumbs up for someone like him who knows how to attend to someone in need. Moreover, it feels great knowing that we have someone with the same belief working with us to get things right.

There are times that we stumble upon people who are naturally kind-hearted. But stumbling across  people who are walking in the same path as ours makes a lot of difference. And I’m glad that, no matter how scarce they are around, we still meet them on the road by chance.

I went home happy and at peace not just because I got my php500 back. On top of that, I crossed path with “someone on the same road”of life.

Unplanned Valentines Dinner

Unplanned Valentines Dinner

I just want it plain and simple — movie and dine! But Kris expressed how much he wants to take me out for a nice dinner. So we changed route and headed to Kapitolyo. He was looking for these two particular restos recommended by friends but we ended up pulling over by Cafe Juanita just because we didn’t want to drive farther. It was like an ordinary cafeteria that comes with a not-so-inviting exterior.

To my surprised we were instantly transported into a rich Filipino-Hispanic era. And it was like to me the time of Crisostomo Ibarra’s home party. It was full of diners so we were directed to the second floor. I thought it was romantic and told Kris that it was the most wonderful unplanned surprise.

I enjoyed looking around where antique pieces were displayed for sale. I’m not a big fan of a period piece because as a matter of fact, it scares me. But this time, my eyes wandered around. Curious, I asked the waiter about the theme of the restaurant. And I was told it was a combination of everything. Filipino-Hispanic-Arabic and Malay with a touch of American chandeliers and some Chinese pieces. Wow! Everything put together comes out interesting.

And oops! It’s not only that. They seriously have great foods. As in, I’ve never eaten a creamy kare kare with its meat almost melts in my mouth. Incredible! No wonder they were featured in Time magazine. A laminated copy of the article was  even displayed around. And why not?  Big time!

Kris and I went home happier, satisfied and inspired.

A great place to eat doesn’t have to be in a Hotel or in any other fancy location… just look around and you’ll be surprised that it’s just right by your community.

An unplanned surprise was never as wonderful as this.



Everybody has a different love story to tell and to share. And each affect differently to different people.

I fell in love . I fell hard. My heart was deceived. I was lost. My life was bedazzled.

Yours can be poles apart with mine but I believe that at the end of the day we will both agree that Love taught us various lessons in life. And it contributed to our making as a person…

Love gave me a new standpoint about itself and about life. Moreover, it lead me into discovering what passion is…

I have found love and it’s now the light that guides me On the Road of life.