As I was putting Isaiah to sleep, it suddenly came vividly to me how painful it was giving birth to him.

It was an early morning of December 20th when Kris brought me to the hospital after monitoring that my contractions were increasing. During that time, I was still feeling okay, meaning I can still smile and talked to Kris with all my sweetness.

We were having a Lamaze delivery so one nurse commented that she’s hoping to see it as there were a lot of other women who tried it but gave up because of exceeding pain. Kris as my Lamaze coach, squeezed my hand and assured me that we can do it.

More than 24 hours of labor without epidural was no joke. The pain was unbearable. I was about ready to say I can’t take it anymore… but not my coach. Kris was super persistent. He was there holding my hand and hugging me back when I entwined myself to him like there’s no tomorrow. He was standing strong even when he’s witnessing his beloved wife in great pain… he just knew he needs to be strong.

I honestly was thinking that he doesn’t love me enough to made me go through that pain. But at the end of the day, after I have successfully gave birth to Isaiah through Lamaze, I realized that he’s not only committed to love me but equally committed in bringing out the best in me as well. He made me realized my strength and taught me one valuable lesson in life.

It’s not the world to dictate what I can do and what I can’t. It’s only myself.

THANK YOU, God for a coach in Kris. THANK YOU that You made him strong when I am at my weakest. THANK YOU for a husband that You have blessed me with.


2 thoughts on “Coach

  1. Now that I know how painful labor is, the more I admire what you did. And I have to hand it to Kris for staying focus and encouraging you all the way.

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