Sweet’s Hug

Sweet’s Hug

This is one of those nights that I don’t really feel like writing. I was feeling so exhausted from accounting the store sales this afternoon that didn’t balance with the money remitted to me. I have to do things twice over to balance my sheet. Oh numbers! They are too much work for me. And they sure made me hungry.

It’s already past nine and we haven’t eaten dinner yet so I wanted to go home, eat, relax and rest. The thing is, Kris brought the car to the ‘shop this morning so we have to walk home. I was carrying my laptop bag while Kris was carrying his and a couple of other things. That adds up to my tired body and mind.

On our way back home, I was thinking what to write but I really can’t find anything that interests me. I turned on the TV as soon as we reached home and slumped on the sofa with a chicken platter. How come there was no good movie to watch in HBO? Okay. I give up. I just want to go upstairs and hit the bed… not until Kris gave me a hug and made me feel that everything’s all right. He told me to relax and step back to see the bigger picture and don’t focus too much on the details of life.

It hit me big time and it calmed my spirit. Simple but well understood.

THANK YOU God, that when I’m at a low point of life, there’s my husband always ready to give me a lift. His kind words and comforting hug gets me back to the road of life.


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