It was a hectic day for me and Kris as we finished work from the store. When we got in the car, Kris asked if I wanted to drive. We just renewed my license two weeks ago so I was okay with it… not until I sat on the driver’s seat and held the steering wheel myself. It has been a long time since I drove. Not even in Edsa or in any highway but in the comfort of Global City’s not-so-busy street.

Tonight was extra different also as I was driving automatic in the absence of mr. golden sun. Kris used to teach me driving using our manual car in broad daylight.

So, okay. I started moving. I was a little nervous and told him that my license is in my other bag which I don’t have in the car. I wanted to stop when cars seems like starting to just popped in front of me one after the other. But then again i refused to believe that I can’t yada yada yada… there goes my 2010 motto, that keeps me going.

Kris was all supportive of me (he’s way too gentle than before, haha!) until I feel comfortable and drove just like a pro, haha! Well at least i did better.

Driving gave me a feeling of independence. And it made me appreciate who I am today… looking back at how I lived my life before, it’s like driving a car but not holding on the steering wheel myself. I just let somebody else drove my life for me. Sad but that’s how scared and weak I was.

THANK YOU God that You have given me the courage to break free and showed me the way where You want me to go. I am now driving my life with the clear signs You have posted On the Road for me see.

More than anything else, THANK YOU God for that constant tap on my shoulder saying I can do it because You got my back.


One thought on “Driving

  1. I’m so proud of you, Malou. We’re on the same wavelength. I drove again recently. Alone, at night and it was raining. I was hesitant at first but I thank God for giving me courage. It felt good after.

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