My Eyes to See

My Eyes to See

Last night, as we parked our car from the mezzanine of our building I started joking and playing blind while walking towards the ground floor where the elevator was.I was tempted to open my eyes but for some reason i go on.

There was fear on the uncertain steps… my heart was beating fast, as if I really can’t open my eyes and couldn’t see, but I went on as Kris guided me down the stairs.

“How was it?” Kris asked inside the elevator. “I was a little dizzy and scared” I said “it was hard to be blind”…

“My turn” he said when the elevator opened up. I held his hand and guided him from the hallway towards inside our living room.

“How was it” I asked back. “It was hard” he answered like I did.

It was hard. Real hard not to be able to see even at the littlest time that we did play we were blind. But so little compared to those who don’t have eyes to see everything that God has created.

THANK YOU, God for the gift of sight that You have blessed me with. You made me see the beautiful things that You have created … the greens, the sky so blue, the smile of an angel through my son Isaiah, a happy face of my husband Kris, the sincerity in my mother’s eyes… all these things You made me see and appreciate.

THANK YOU, God that You have made my eyes see not only of Your beauty but also the not-so-beautiful-things man has made. Because through those and even at those, You have shown us Your unfailing love. You have planted a seed in my heart to change my self and the world I live in… not the way I want it but how You want it.


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