My Boy

My Boy

Isaiah was lying down on the bed sucking his thumb when we got home. He was about to sleep but his eyes widened when he saw mommy and daddy. He rolled from his back and welcomed us with a smile.

Kris got on the bed and played rough with his boy. He crawled back and forth to me. He stood in front of daddy as if telling dad that he could already stand on his own. He clapped his hands and raised his arms while on his feet. He was such a happy boy.

Kris got him and sat him on his lap. He started rocking the little boy while singing Sing a Song by The Carpenters. I was singing along and Isaiah was all eyes on me while he was hugging daddy’s arms.

He said something when we finished the song and I was pretending that I knew what he said so I talked back. He pushed his foot against the bed like he was rocking himself. So I asked if he wants another song. We sung it again and he was smiling.

The third time, he was playing with his tongue like saying lalala so I asked again if he wants one more. He was clapping while we’re at it and trying to mumble words.

He loves the song. He loves it when daddy & mommy sing it together. So I said we’ll call it our family song.

Isaiah has always brighten up our day, eases our stress and refreshes our mind. He is one boy always in my mind, constantly in my prayers, unceasingly in my dreams and forever in my heart.

THANK YOU, God for a son that You have blessed me with. He is truly a joy in our lives.


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