Today is the 21st day. The last day of the gratitude challenge. I never thought I could’ve gone this far. God has indeed taught me a lot the whole time of this challenge.

For one, my love for writing has been realized again. I remember how I loved to write short stories back in high school. My dad even bought me a typewriter from Quiapo. He and my eldest sister were my avid reader and follower… supporter and believer.

Things has changed,though. My interest differs from time to time until I came to that point that I don’t know anymore what I like or what I do best. I was once asked about what my passion was to which I paused and thought deeply… there’s nothing that I know of. I mean, yeah I can say i  love to sing but singing didn’t reciprocate that love, haha! I love dancing but that wasn’t for me. I love arts but my hands were not creative enough to create a masterpiece of any kind. There are so many things I love, I wish, I admire but nothing really stood out.

I envied people who knows themselves enough to know what they want to do with their lives. I described myself a vagabond, a wanderer… a traveller going nowhere. So many times I wished I am somebody else. I felt empty, worthless & so lost.

I wondered. I prayed. I sought. I strived. And I found…

I am as blessed as others in this world. God has gifted me something that He wants me to have. And I had it ever since. I don’t have to be somebody else because God made me so unique with my talent.

THANK YOU, God for the hands that You have blessed me with. I can write the way You want me to. THANK YOU, God for the mind that You have blessed me with. You open it for comprehension and ideas. THANK YOU, God for the people I admired. They have inspired me to do my best as well.

Lord, THANK YOU for the gratitude challenge. It opened my eyes to see all the beautiful things in life… it opened my heart to see that beautiful things are not just seen outside… it taught my spirit to be grateful everyday.

The challenge will continue…

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