Precious Moment

Precious Moment

This morning, just before leaving for the office, Kris held his little boy and hugged him. Isaiah reciprocated his daddy’s embrace and rested his head on daddy’s shoulder. He wrapped his chubby arms around daddy’s neck and his two feet around daddy’s torso. He simply doesn’t want to let go when daddy tried to put him down. He obviously loves his dad so much…

His laughter seems endless when daddy smooch him all over. He squeals in delight when daddy carry him upside down. He’s tireless when he rides on daddy’s back and moves back & forth. He’s cutely sweet when he rests over daddy’s strong arms… and he listens when daddy says no.

Oh how I just love watching them together. It is my precious moment  watching my boys building a strong foundation of a father and son relationship.

THANK YOU Lord, that I witness the love growing between my husband and son. Nothing more a wife and a mother could cherish than this precious moments.

THANK YOU Lord, for a husband and a son that You have blessed me with.


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