Gift of Friendship

Gift of Friendship

The door bell rung a little before 2.I’m expecting my friends Nina & Ellaine for an afternoon of “coffee talk”.

It’s not unusual for them to come over. In fact, they were just here a couple of weeks ago. But this time, I’m excited talking to them more and get to know them deeply. It’s not that I don’t know details in their respective lives. But I guess, not enough.

We’ve been good friends since our FedEx days and continue to grow our friendship even after “living to deliver” that’s the famous FedEx line. Haha! Now it reminds me of our fun times at work. We basically knew how we work, how we perform, how we persuade and how we strive… all for the name of selling.

Time has evolved and we’ve all grown and mature. We whine no more about work but declares at how God works and working in our lives. Sharing about how we were while growing up and how we view things now, made us appreciate each other more. One thing that never changes though, we still encourage one another like we always do.

THANK YOU Lord for the gift of friendship. There could be no more than good company of women  that will delight  a woman’s day.

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