I’m a little more relax tonight after finishing work early and went home right after. I thought it’s a good timing to start writing but I can’t put things into words.

Hmmm… I sensed this commitment in my spirit.There’s no way I can let this  day pass without seeing things I should be grateful for. Commitment is the fuel that keeps me going. It’s the bond between myself and that thing i am committed to carry out.

Now comes a new perspective of that thing “commitment”. In the dictionary it defines commitment as an obligation that restrict freedom or actions.

To me personally, though, I see commitment not as an obligation but more of a drive that guides me to meet what I am aiming for. It’s not restricting my freedom or my actions either because as I said, it’s the fuel that gets me going.

Well, that’s how I see commitment is…how about you?

THANK YOU God for this new found sense of commitment. I commit my life to You.

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