” Just support me” Kris’ said before we got off the elevator for the 1pm service in Pioneer. My mind was in disagreement but my lips followed the dictate of my heart

” I support you.” I quickly said like I’m really disagreeing to it but that I have to support him so I said it anyway. THANK YOU God that You made me able to hold my tongue from saying things that will not bless my husband.

On stage, he was confident as he always is. I was watching him with Isaiah who was sitting on my lap. To my surprise, the thing that he asked me to support him for, he didn’t say but instead he communicate his message to his audience in a more efficient manner.

As a wife, there are times that I really want to insist what I want him to do instead of supporting what he wants to do. Submission is an issue… but God humbled me again.

He opened my eyes to recognize the authority of my husband and to submit to that authority.

I may disagree with him over & over again but those disagreements are not for me to fight for but to lift up to…

THANK YOU God that I saw submission in a much more different angle… the angle where You want me to see it.


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