This morning we went tripping to a number of DMCI properties in Taguig where some units were really jaw dropping. Aside from the resort-like-amenities which Kris & I really liked about it at first, the community itself was also one that we’ve dreamed of.

Being a frustrated interior designer at heart, I have a hard time executing the ideas in mind, but at least just at the moment ( because I refuse to believe that I can’t… there goes my 2010 motto again 🙂 ) So I’m really a big fan of interior designing be it modern living or the classic ones. I always admire those kind of things. So this DMCI place, it captured my heart.

I remember how I kept saying “Lord,i like this one“, “this is really nice, Sweet”, “i love it, i love it“… during the trip … you know those usual stuff when you are really in awe of something.

Sweet, i really like it here” i told Kris when we were left alone in the car. And then he replied ” Don’t get envy that you don’t have something like this at this point in time but do make it as your inspiration. God is opening your heart to the possibilities”. I thought it didn’t have an effect on me but after a few more units viewed, I just suddenly felt that the love i have for it went down to just liking it. I mean the admiration was still there, but the desire to have it and to own it went into another perspective.

Kris was right. God is showing us possibilities.

I believe that God took that feeling of great excitement in my heart because what He plans for us is much more than what I can imagine and that this particular one was not just meant for us.

I THANK God that I am able to appreciate beautiful things and that He has given me a sense of acceptance that not all beautiful things will be given to me…. not when I want it but in His perfect time.

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