I was sitting the whole day in front of the computer with all the documents that needed to be logged. I planned for this thing yesterday and was actually looking forward to having a really hectic day. But it turned out the opposite. I was so laid back when the papers on top my desk were so visibly needing attention.

Time has passed me by so idly.

After dinner, a late christmas gift from our Home Owner’s Association President was sent to our door.

It was addressed for Kris but I was the one insisted to open it. It’s a book as I thought it was. THANK YOU God for good books. We were showered with really good ones staring the holiday.

This one was by Alban Douglas’ One Hundred Bible Lessons. I scanned the pages and was able to find something that interests me.

I don’t want to sound so “religious” to be talking about this but I’ll say it anyway. Number one way in which Satan attacks Christians – The devil makes us lazy. Bingo! I was being attacked without me being so aware of it.

You see, things like this really happened. But God in His mighty & awesome power will not let us be defeated. Who said that this book was really sent too late for Christmas? Who said that it will not have an effect on anyone like me? Who advised its giver to give it to Kris? I don’t know but for sure that’s God’s hand working to make me comprehend.

Lord, THANK YOU for your perfect timing.


2 thoughts on “Attacked

  1. cool blogs…yes we need to be thankful. hey, been trying to reach kris, we were going to invite you dinner. did he change his numbeR?

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