Healer of All

Healer of All

Assembly Hall was almost full when we got in a little before 7. We sat near to the stage and talked to the people we know and said hi & hello to some. Tonight is significant because its time to break the fast after 7 days.

As I looked behind me, people keep coming and the Maintenance people were adding up more chairs to accommodate the growing crowd. Wow! So many people have participated which I think outnumbered last year’s. To me personally, it means that people are growing more in their faith to God and that they are expectant of many breakthroughs in life.

If in regular sunday services I would be touched during praise and worship, tonight I was specially touched during healing. God is awesome in His power. I’m THANKFUL that I have witnessed not only the body healed but also the faith that these people have for Christ.

Indeed, it is only through faith that we will be healed from disabilities, sickness, difficulties and pains.

THANK YOU God that You are the God who heals. Our Jehovah Jireh!


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