Book of Blessings

Book of Blessings

As we got home from our Store, Kris showed me a book that he said was given by Ms. Mary Malinao from our church. I curiously asked why because I didn’t know her personally. Plainly, Kris responded that she gave one as well to his co-worker who has a one year old.

Does it lack personal touch to make it special? Actually, I don’t mind. I love the book and I was delighted to flip through it pages.  It’s been a while since the last time I went looking for a nice book to read for Isaiah. I’m done with the Book 2 of Babywise and I was so glad the way Isaiah responded to it so I’m kinda wanting something that will teach me and Kris on how to raise him the way God wants us to.

Now came this book ; Bless Your Children Every Day by Mary Ruth Swope.

Each page has blessings for your child be it in deliverance, happiness, listening ears, clear direction, love and so many others. It got me so excited that I went upstairs immediately, checked on Isaiah and blessed him with it.

Isaiah almost woke up as I spoke words a lil louder but seems to me too that he claimed those blessings and that his cute little eyes that he was trying to open were like acknowledging my presence. He’s too cute. 🙂

Lord, THANK YOU for the giver of this book, Ms Mary Malinao. I’m sure she didn’t know how blessed I am to have received this book.

Also, THANK YOU for the enthusiasm that you are stirring up in my heart. It’s now overflowing and I can’t contain it.


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