Funny how things from a dot became a mountain of dispute between two individuals.

Fortunately though, during these times, God gives us the opportunity to learn and grow from it. Sometimes, God used it to answer our prayers. When say, I asked God for patience, God will not give it to me overnight without me unraveling what patience really is. So God will teach me what it is through opportunities — sometimes these opportunities are in form of difficulties & pain. It’s really a matter of the heart that we should be asking God all the time to open not our eyes but our hearts as well to see how He works in our lives.

Tonight, I went through that difficulty. And I THANK God that He humbled me to asked Him to open my heart to see its blemish.

God in His awesome power always works for our own welfare because He loves us so much that He wants to give us all the best.

THANK YOU God for all these opportunities in life.


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