Last Goodbye

Last Goodbye

Ronald James Panis —– a co-worker from Philippine News. He was funny and a good man. Kris and I got the chance to bond with him several times during game nights with other friends. He was hilarious in Balderdash, a good writer, a fair bluffer.

This afternoon, I was in shock when I heard the news that he passed away. I still can’t believe up to this moment that we will no longer host game nights with him. And I just didn’t realize that the byes we said to him last September of 2009 was the last and final goodbye.

As I was browsing friends pages, trying to know what caused his death, Kris went to RJ’s page and read his last post in his FB status that said

“Life is shorts, wear pants”

Did he feel it coming? Nobody can truly say but I just hope that he had the best for last. Neither can’t I say if it’s untimely for it’s only our Creator who knows our time. For one thing though, I am THANKFUL that RJ has shared with me a lot of good laughs, foods and friends.

THANK YOU, Lord for the life of RJ. We will surely miss him.


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