Help of Joy

Help of Joy

Three days from now marks the anniversary of Joy — our Yaya.

It was this time last year when I prayed for her. And I remember being very specific with what I prayed for.

I want someone who would really take care of my baby and someone who has an initiative. Kris’ additional requirement was a mother, as much as possible so she would be scholarly enough to care for the baby.

Joy, through our kind hearted lobby guard, Jolan, responded to the ad Kris posted in our building’s bulletin board. After we interviewed her, we told her that we will call if she qualifies for the job.

And she was. She didn’t just qualified but also herself an answered prayer. She maybe not a mother as she is single (and available) but her experience as a Yaya to other families before us made her the best Yaya that she is right now.

And oh yes, highlight of the interview was when Kris asked who has a big influence in her life to which she answered “God”.

Indeed, we are so blessed to have her with us who just don’t care for Isaiah but for our entire family. At times that Isaiah’s sleeping, she would wash the dishes, do the laundry, run errands and just care for the house like it’s her own. Sometimes, she acts like a Mayordoma giving instructions to our weekly helper on how things should be done in a nice way that is fair, not offending and with my permission. In short, she knows her position.

Joy has a share of imperfections as well but the so many good things about her makes those imperfections really minor.

THANK YOU God for Joy. She truly is a blessing and a joy to our family.


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