Friends started coming over around 2 this afternoon. I was excited and happy to have them as I never had friends over for my birthday since a couple of years back. And never did I decorate my place the way I did it today. THANK YOU God for bringing out my creative juices.

While enjoying Jenga, the lobby guard called and said that I have a friend downstairs… I paused and looked at my friends in front of me and counted them — I have all my expected friends already so I asked the guard who that friend was.

Tina de Vera.

She’s a good friend from high school whom I haven’t been in touch with since last year and I dismiss the thought of her every time her name just popped up in mind. I wasn’t happy about it and it keeps me troublesome.

When I put the phone down, I gathered enough courage and asked for grace. I don’ t think I’m ready for this but who knows when I’ll be ready to face her?

As I opened the door and see her, no words came out of my lips but a simple hello and we just hugged and talked like there’s nothing unpleasant ever happened to us… she’s still the same Tina, my friend that I knew every time I would open the door for her and welcome her into my home. Oh the only difference though, this time, is that – she’s tagging along her fiancé.

God, THANK YOU that YOU orchestrated everything happening into my life. THANK YOU that You’ve given not enough grace but overflowing of it. THANK YOU that You’ve given Tina the desire to come over my place and indeed make this day significant.

THANK YOU God, that today, You have freed my heart from unforgiveness.


2 thoughts on “Free

  1. Do you remember the friend that I was talking about in our small group? It was her. 🙂 It makes me feel good that we’re okay now. No words needed. I could’ve not done it without Him. He gave me grace… not just enough but overflowing of it. 🙂

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