Refuse to Believe

Refuse to Believe

When Kris told me that we’re not pushing through to Coron on my birthday, I don’t know what else to do as I’m used of just spending my birthday like any other ordinary day. But then the word “SIGNIFICANT” came to mind and fueled by the heart…

I want to do something significant.

I first thought of going to Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay with my parents and my family. But remembering the issue that I once had with my siblings regarding going out with my mom on her birthday, I dropped the idea.

This afternoon, as I was preparing for my friends visit tomorrow, I felt the desire to really do something different.

And so I thought of having coffee and sweets instead of pasta… now that’s something significant. Hahaha!

Seriously though, what I have in mind is for us to have coffee or tea and a good talk about our lives and not the usual updates on the lives of other people whom we really don’t care about.

So i started blowing balloons and decorate my lil home and feeling really excited about the whole idea.

I was amazed at how things turned out. I once told my good friend Sam that party planning and organizing is not my thing anymore after I felt that Isaiah’s party was not a success.

But then, just today, I refused to believe that I can’t do it because what I believe in is that God made me able and that I can do things only if I believe.

Now, looking at the balloons I made, I felt good that really, God made me able. I never thought of doing it on Isaiah’s party and never did I plan things the way I’m planning things now just for friends visit.

God put that desire in my heart to never give up because once is not enough – it’s never enough to give up on the things that I really wanna do. Besides, if I really wanna do something, I realized that it will take a lot of tries until I perfect it.

God, THANK YOU for that realization.

THANK YOU that in all the circumstances in my life, YOU never fail to let me know that YOU are there with me.

THANK YOU Lord for the opportunities that you showered my path with to make me grow and discover myself more.


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