Make Over

Make Over

I’ve been planning to cut my hair since last year but just didn’t get the time and the enthusiasm to do it. Plus the particular hairstyle that I want won’t do with my floppy wavy hair that I keep postponing.

This afternoon, all of a sudden, I remember that I’ve wanted to do it. So I went out and inquired at David’s just outside the place I live in and decided to chop off my long locks.

I was attended by Jandi, who sat behind me holding on to his pair of scissors and was just about to do his job when I said

“ Hi Jandi… you know what, my hair is floppy and really thick. I want a bob but I know it won’t do unless I have it rebond. So I want you to do it (pointing to a picture in the magazine) with really fine ends.”

The moment that I said it, I knew something has changed in me. Like, I know what I want and I communicate it to people.

Going back to how I was before, I would just sit down and asked what haircut would look good on me. People will tell me this and that and I would try but if the end result was not good, I felt bad. I was a loser who didn’t know what I want for myself.

I didn’t know choices until now.

So while Jandi was doing my hair, I was talking to God in my mind and I was like saying

THANK YOU God for giving me the courage to stand on what I want for myself. THANK YOU God that now I know how to say the things that I want.THANK YOU God that at little things like this, you’re teaching me big things in life. THANK YOU God that now my hair feels light and beautiful…

THANK YOU God for a fresh new start of make over.


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