Women Power

Women Power

As Kris flipped open the pages of his old bible ( that he just recently found), he saw a white envelope with our name on it. I opened it and found out that it was the thank you card from Rob & Sam on their wedding.

Samantha was such one thoughtful woman. I knew she did the lay out of the card and had them print and send them on mail one by one. Tedious but I knew she did it with love. I’m not saying this because she’s my friend… oh but yeah I’m saying it because as a matter of fact, she’s my friend and I know that every time she does things like that, she always do it with love, with all thoughtfulness and all that.

She inspires me and I THANK God that He has surround me with people whose lives I can learn from. Oh there are a lot of other women whom God has surround me with and each of them inspires me and touch my heart in different special ways.

THANK YOU God for the lives of these women;

Tristan Cablay, Samantha Johnson, Irma Arricivita, Shiela Carlos, Jasmin Oro, Jackie Forster , Michelle Nocon, Lynn Castillo, Kathe Ligon and Sharon Reyes.


4 thoughts on “Women Power

  1. Your post touched me. That is so sweet of you. I want to be inspired to hand write notes again.

    Technology is great but there is nothing more caring than a classic handwritten letter. Thanks for this reminder Malou!

  2. i enjoy reading your works,it brings me back in our time in college doing a creative writting subject the only different-was that it was done with the heart to mirror one’s life and view the reflection.You touches my heart in every words you made…and made me realized that i have a lot of things to be thanked of on HIM. God really made His way to make me able to meet again a great person like you.Even were not a so called ”close-close” friend but i know somehow in someway i made you smile upon thinking my name,,,with that it made me feel recognized.

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