A Year That Was

A Year That Was

Privileged defines how year 2009 was for me.

Being a mom to Kristoffer Isaiah and being a wife to Kris made my womanhood experience undoubtedly joyous.

Watching Isaiah grows made me wonder where adults have spent their precious time when a baby like him spent his in growth development that would later on made me realized how fast the days went by.

In a months time babies development is clearly visible when an adult, say myself, hasn’t changed that much or none at all.

Now, that makes me want to develop myself like a baby. Fast and visible. I don’t say this just for the heck of saying it… I really do want to grow myself more. And I thank God for giving me the opportunity to desire to have that change.

Thank you 2009 for the opportunities you left me with.

Hello 2010… I’m welcoming you with limitless hopes.


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